Putting humanity first

At Agrocel, we believe that the objective of doing good, for both society and shareholders of the company, should coexist in harmony. Right from our humble beginnings, upgrading the livelihoods of the people of Kachchh has been the underlying reason for Agrocel’s existence. We have built our corporate strength by “putting humanity first” and creating value by utilising the local natural resources responsibly while providing quality job opportunities for the resident population.

Regardless of where we have reached today, we remain committed to delivering success, which cannot be measured just by numbers. Our ethos for “putting humanity first” remains intact, keeping us focused on upgrading the lives of the people of Kachchh while remembering that this was the very foundation of our existence as a company. Our strength lies in uplifting the ones who are underserved and building value by unchaining trapped resources and opportunities for them. In doing so, we are helping the society, creating value and maximizing shareholders’ wealth.

Today, we are amongst the many responsible corporates that have had a long history of creating value out of adversity and turning an impossible situation into one that is bountiful and full of prosperity. In the long run, our approach to corporate development serves the best interest of all our stakeholders.

Agrocel’s CSR Footprint

CSR Cluster in India:
  • 1. Kutch, Gujarat
    1. Dhorodo, Bhuj, Kutch
    2. Khavda, Bhuj, Kutch
    3. Bhuj, Kutch
    4. Mandvi, Kutch
  • 2. Bhavnagar(Avaniya), Gujarat
  • 3. Vadodara, Gujarat
  • 4. Jammu, India
  • 5. New Delhi, India
  • 6. Mumbai, Maharashtra
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